Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things I hope to accomplish

I'm going to post this list on the sidebar later.

-Make a corset. I know from talking to pros that it's not as hard as it seems. To me, though, it's like a wearable quilt-- it takes MATH and MEASURING and NON-STRETCH FABRICS. It's also kinda spendy. I can make do with cheap fabric when I'm just messing about, but if I'm gonna make a corset it's going to be pretty and durable and actually cinch me in, which means steel boning. Which I have to order. So it's on the list until I magically have the time, energy and monies.

-Black "oval skirt" which will be cut like a circle skirt but, um, an oval. I'm hoping this will make it long in the front and short in the back.

-A very goth umbrella. A friend of mine gave me an old umbrella today-- the top is all chewed up but it's structurally sound. My plan is to paint it all black and cover it with ratty holey lace/mesh. Nighttime parasol, I guess. TOTALLY POINTLESS other than a fun costume piece.

-My own 10 yard skirt. I figure I'll start with a 10 yarder and work up from there.

-My own choli. I'd like to make ones with lace sleeves that bell at the 3/4 sleeve mark. And also regular long sleeved ones that are actually long enough for my monkey arms. And short sleeved ones in something light and breathable.

It's nice to dream. The next 1.5 weeks will be spent making things for other people, be they costume pieces or things to sell. And occasionally something for myself, but really they're "work clothes." So not as fun as just whipping something up on a serger. Serger... how I miss you....