Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Antique" Pendants/Book Review

I recently found this book at my library:

Which struck me as weird: I mean, how can you make something antique, unless the book is actually instructions on how to make a time machine? But it's a book on faking antiques using polymer clay, with a fun twist: the author went through pictures and items on display in museums, and then set out to recreate the pieces with the clay. While some of them are a far cry from authentic-looking, some are surprisingly realistic, and if nothing else the techniques were new to me, and highly addictive.

So I made me some pendants. I mostly used flat-backed marbles, beach glass, and on one I used a white (undyed) howlite cabochon with red coral beads. I'm quite fond of them, especially the tentacle/green stone one and the large one with the coral beads.



The basic idea is to use black polymer clay, working it into ribbons that act as bezels and hold the stones in place. You add whatever you like to the pieces, then bake them. I painted mine with cheap craft acrylic, but I'm sure you could work wonders with mica powders and so forth.

This is probably not news to people who often work with polymer clay. I don't, though, so it was all look-at-this-fantabulous-idea! to me. My next such project will be a "pocket watch" done with stone and glass beads, bits of metal and whatnot.

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