Friday, December 19, 2008

Review: Reconstructing Clothing For Dummies, by Miranda Caroligne Burns

Another recent library find was Reconstructing Clothes For Dummies, by Miranda Caroligne Burns. Can't find an image of it, but here's a link to Amazon:

Link! Here!

The book was surprisingly helpful, at least in the ways of hacking apart knits. I've done my share of reconstructions, but am often short on ideas of what to do with old sweaters/sweatshirts other than, um, make them shorter. I especially liked the Bad Unkl Sista sweater, because although I don't know that I'd ever wear it, Bad Unkl Sista rocks.

  • Pro: Lots of variations with each project.
  • Con: The variations are often the same with all the projects-- "Stitch it a different way. Paint on it. Add some lace."
  • Pro: There's pictures of each project.
  • Con: They're all in black and white and are very small, except for a fashion-shooty middle section that's in color and full sized. This middle photo section was surprisingly lush, but beyond that my eye candy urge was left unquelled.
  • Pro: Easy to understand.
  • Con: May be overly easy for experienced sewers. (Apparently I'm not a Dummy.)
  • Pro: Wide range of projects that cover tops, dresses, pants, skirts, accessories and housewares.
  • Con: Some projects seemed pretty unwearable. Seriously, you want me to flip a sweater upside down and wear it as a skirt, with the sleeves still attached? Sweaters can be changed up by buttoning them crooked? Mmmm... nein, danke.

Decent library find, but I wouldn't buy it. Scoop it up at your library if you're running low on ideas.

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