Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things I Love Thursdays

1. Craftster recently posted the "Best of 2008" list, and boy, some of the projects are fantastic. I can't believe I missed 'em the first time around!
I am in love with this bed.
...and also this chair.
...and this lightbulb pendant.
The original post can be seen here.

2. The Eclectic Gipsyland Flickr Photostream. I just found this today, and have only glanced through the first few (of.. like...60?) pages. Why only a sample taste? Because although I somewhat dislike people using the word "Gipsy," the photos are SO YUMMY. SO VERY YUMMY. I want to save them for later, when there's no kids coming home from school and I've already gotten into PJs and have a glass of wine and plenty of time to gorge on ideas. Do check it out.

3. I've decided I need to start buying quality fabric (read: not stuff from the $2 section of WalMart). I'm going to splurge when we get our tax refund. And the main stage for this textile hedonism? Sew, Mama, Sew! I'm late in the game on this, I know, but once I was introduced to this fantastic shop/blog, I haven't been able to stay away. I love this and this and this. Two of those are out of stock, but I still have to resist the urge to lick my monitor. Awesome fabrics, cool blog, and did I mention they do contests? They do contests.

That's three! Three because it's Thursday and I love alliteration. I tried to work the "th" sound more into the title, but all I could come up with was "Things I Thought were Thwell," and I'm not sure I'll go with that.

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