Monday, January 18, 2010

Faucet Knob Necklace Holders

These are postitioned right under the hair flower holder. They're just faucet knobs-- the type that are often found outside, on a hose-- with the center bits removed and replaced with long screws. They were originally meant to hold hand towels, but since they don't stand out from the wall much, they were pressed into service as necklace holders. Works out great! (And I saw this somewhere else, but can't remember where. Oops.)

This idea works with lots of stuff-- drawer knobs can be screwed right to a wall, or to a plaque, a shelf... With drawer pulls, you often have a choice of ones that screw through the front or the back. With ones that have the hole in the back, you could mount them on something thin, like a wooden yardstick, which could then be hung.

The house updates continue. I still want to make a jewelry holder like this one I saw on Cut Out + Keep, but I don't have the room for it yet. I'm also messing around with my bedroom, and since my belly hurts too much today to actually get up and play with craft stuff, I may just continue photographing and posting the "before" pictures.

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