Friday, January 1, 2010

Huzzah for handmade holidays (and birthdays)

Anna, don't read this. I talk about the present I'm giving you tomorrow. Okay? Are you stopping? Okay, good.


Due to money troubles (who DIDN'T have 'em this year?), we really buckled down and did a lot of present MAKING this December. My husband, newly apron'ed, made loaves of fruity bread for our family. The kids colored pictures. I made tons of stuff, because that is the way of my people.

The grand made-it list:
  • My husband's apron. My procrastination list said I was making one for him and a matching one for our daughter, but I never got around to making the little one. She'll have to spill her pretend cookie dough all over a pretend apron instead.
  • A zipper-mouth mask for my son. Yes, I figured it out. I'd bought a ninja suit at Joann when it was 90% off after Halloween. I wrapped the whole shebang up with a note that said, "I will sew a zipper on the mask." And I did. He wears it to the store and gramma's and everywhere else.
  • Felt food for my daughter. All told, she got: 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pancakes with syrup and butter, a fried egg, two pieces of bread/toast, peanut butter, jelly, a slice of cheese, a tomato slice, a pickle, and a piece of lettuce. I list it all out because she puts it all between the two slices of "bread" and makes everybody eat a "shamitch." She also rolls it up and says it's a taco.
  • Mix CDs for my family.
  • Ties for my brother, who moved from WI to FL, the sissy sissypants. Okay, okay, there was a good job involved, but still. We all know who ran from the snow. The ties were stenciled, one with a subtle gold WI outline (on a tan tie) and the other with a more bold freehand "WISCO" in red (on blue). May I add that I'm REALLY not that into being from Wisconsin, but my brother is. That's cool. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Arm warmers for my sister. She was there when I made them.
  • Flower/feather hair pieces for the two ladies I dance with in performance troupe.

I'm terribly pleased with myself today, because I made a gift in under an hour. I made a scoodie-- a hooded scarf. The original pattern (or instruction, I guess, as I made my own pattern) came from Vegbee at IndieTutes. It is awesome. SHE is awesome. It looks a bit complicated for a beginner, but trust me, once you've made one, the process is much easier. Unless you're me, and you mess up the way to do the scarf. Regardless, it worked, and now I have a polar fleece red/black reversible scoodie for my sister's birthday (which is the 2nd of January. Poor girl.) I'm calling it the Red Riding/Ninja Hood. If I had time, I'd make a little ninja/red riding hood keychain dolly to go with it.

Realizing I am more tired than proud at this point. Scoodie still needs to be wrapped and I should throw some clothes in a backpack (field trip to Madison in the morning).

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